Freelance DeveloperAdam George

Web, mobile and front-end developer - full-stack experience.

Melbourne Freelance Software Developer for HireLooking to hire a freelance developer?You’ve come to the right place then! I may be available at the moment and would love to hear from you.
About myself:I’m a freelance web & software developer, servicing the Melbourne area.I’ve worked as a Melbourne-based contract programmer for 15 years, completing projects in a multitude of industries (energy, transport, digital design and retail to name a few).I’ve experienced all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from gathering requirements, analysis and design – through to building, testing, deploying and supporting software systems.I have the experience to help make your next software project a successful one.
Why hire a freelance developer?There are some significant advantages in hiring a freelance programmer for your next project:
  • Freelancers are a great way to get an additional resource for a particular project, without the on-going costs of full-time employees. When the project is over, or you need to scale back on resources, you’re not required to keep paying us – we only get paid when we’re working for you.
  • Hiring full-time employees is expensive! You have to pay superannuation, payroll tax, annual & sick leave entitlements. It’s a massive commitment.As a freelancer, you’ll simply pay my rate during the times I’m working for you – this gives you a lot of flexibility in how you can resource your projects.
  • I provide my own equipment and tools (computer, software, etc) – you don’t need to purchase these for me – this saves you a lot of money, as these can often be quite expensive.
  • Contractors are often flexible about what hours they work. I can do an urgent job for you at short notice, or I can change my working hours to suit your project (for example, if you were located in a different timezone).
  • We are also very accountable with our time – I log all of my time in a timesheet which I make available for my clients to view online. You will know exactly what I’m working on and where your money is being invested.
  • Freelancers are hard-working, professional people. Many of us have a great deal of experience that could be invaluable in making your next project a success.
Skills and ExperienceI’ve worked as a web developer for 15 years, working with many different technologies. I’m a good fit for many projects, as I have a breadth of knowledge across many technology stacks, but are also pretty focused around modern web development practices.These days I tend to focus in a few key areas:
  • Hybrid mobile development. I’ve written several apps for clients utilizing the latest hybrid/HTML5 technologies, to create cross-platform, native-feeling applications.Using Javascript frameworks like React or Angular, and wrapping the application in Phonegap/Cordova I’ve been able to deploy the same app to both iOS and Android devices – which is a big win for my clients who are looking to not write the same app multiple times.I’m also fan of Ionic Framework and React Native and have also used these frameworks to quickly build mobile cross-platform apps.
  • Frontend development. I’ve built quite a few front end apps over the years, i.e. Javascript based web apps that are 100% Javascript and just talk to their backends via an API.I love using React for this, but have also used Angular in the past.I use best practices for Javascript development, utilising tools like NPM and webpack and ES6.
  • Backend web development. I’ve built many web apps over the years, in different backend technologies, but these days focus on:I’m often writing RESTful web APIs to communcate with my mobile and web applications.I have good database experience and have worked with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and databases across various projects over the years.
If you have a project you would like me to work on, please do get in contact.Cheers – hope to hear from you!Adam GeorgeP.S. If you want to see what I’ve been working on, please checkout my portfolio.Read Later